Our Menus

Famous for freshness, quality, colour and of course, coffee, Australia’s cuisine and a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of Lantana. Our menus embrace seasonality and all the sustainable goodness that Mother Nature intended. Home to London’s original Aussie brunch, and with menus to take you through the day, Lantana is a place to escape and connect.

While there is absolutely nowhere better than one of our restaurants to enjoy food from Lantana, why not try your hand at cooking up one of your favourite Lantana recipes at home. To order our cookbook, click on the link below. Happy Cooking! 


Peach Melba Sundae 7

Affogato 6.5

Warm Chocolate Brownie 8

Banoffee Banana Bread 8

Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast 13

Barista Prepared

Espresso 3.2

Long Black 3.5

Drip Filter 3.5

Iced Long Black 3.5

Iced Latte 3.8

Iced Mocha 4

Iced Chai Latte 3.8

Iced Tea – Wild Rooibus & Orange 4

Macchiato 3.5

Piccolo 3.5

Flat White 3.8

Cappuccino 3.8

Latte 3.8

English Breakfast 3

Earl Grey 3

Hibiscus 3

Jade Tips 3

Wild Rooibos 3

Hot Chocolate 3.8

Mocha 4

Chai Latte 3.8

Matcha Latte 3.8

Beetroot Latte 3.6

Fresh Mint Infusion 3

Lemon, Ginger & Honey Infusion 3.8

Brownie Bite 1.5

Cherry Ripe Rocky Road 1.5