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Lantana Joins the B Corp™ Community

We are proud to announce our B Corp Certification, a testament to our commitment to positive social and environmental impact. Joining a select group within the hospitality industry among the 6000 Certified B Corps worldwide, Lantana achieved an impressive B Impact Assessment score of 85.3, reflecting its dedication to balancing profit with purpose. 

Shelagh Ryan, Co-Founder & Food Director: “B Corp Certification is not just a milestone for Lantana; it's a testament to the collective effort of our community. We're proud to be part of a global community striving for a better future.”

Lantana's journey towards B Corp Certification has been a transformative process, driving the business to examine every aspect of its operations. The journey reinforces our commitment to creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Focusing on impactful areas, Lantana pledges to: 

  • People: Ensure fair and transparent pay, including paid overtime for salaried employees, improved conditions, skill development, promote inclusivity, equality and diversity. 
  • Suppliers: Actively choose local and independent suppliers, currently purchasing over 80% from Greater London. 
  • Environment: Reduce the food carbon footprint, minimise food waste, use renewable energy, minimise single-use packaging, and choose low-carbon couriers and deliveries. 
  • Community: Support charities & initiatives aligned with their values, including Well Grounded, Street Smart, Project Waterfall, and Too Good to Go. In 2024, we will be supporting Only a Pavement Away. 

Lantana's Co-Founder, Michael Homan said, “B Corp Certification validates that we are making a positive impact, but more importantly, that we can and must continually strive to improve.”